Greenland is the largest island in the world and it is a land of unique nature. With 2.166.000 square kilometers it is 9.5 times the size of Great Britain. 80% of it's surface is covered by the massive Greenland Ice Sheet. It's population is only 56.000, most of whom live along the South and West coast.

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The East coast stretches over 2700 km and is inhabited by only 3500 people in the two settlements of - Tasiilaq und Ittoqqorttoormiit. The population here lives of the beautifull land. Traditional hunting and fishing is the basis of their existence.

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The highest mountains of the Arctic are situated here in East Greenland, 350 km North of the Polar Circle and about as far from the nearest settlement. Most of those summts have never been climbed before. Glaciers of enormous dimensions flow directly into the Sea. Some 60 km inland from the coast the Watkins Mountains form the highest mountain range of Greenland. With its peak at 3693m Mount Gunnbjørn Fjeld is the highest mountain of the Arctic, therefore also called the eighth of the famous "Seven Summits".
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