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General Greenland Informations:

Greenland - Encyclopedia Wikipedia
Greenland Facts -
Greenland Tourism
East Greenland Tourism
Greenland Guide
Greenland Tour Guide (pdf)
Greenland Language Guide

Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund) Greenland:

Ittoqqortoormiit, East Greenland Tourism
Nanu Travel in Greenland
Live in Ittoqqortoormiit (Astrids private Homepage)

Greenland Weather:

DMI Forecast
DMI Satellite
AF Weather Satellite IR
CAN Arctic Satellite Vis
CAN Arctic Satellite IR
UK Met Analysis
UK Met 24h Forecast
Met Uni Koeln
DMI Sations
Forecast Scoresbysund
Forecast Summit Camp
Summit Camp WX Station
DMI Ice Chart
Arctic Ice Cover NSIDC
Arctic Ice Cover UIUC
Snow heights
Ice Cover/Snow heights
Sea Ice/Temp World
NOAA Arctic Data

Expedition Planning:

Danish Polar Center
DPC Safety Information
Tele Greenland
Maps and Aerial Pictures
Greenland Aerial Pictures online
NASA Satellite Pictures
Google Maps
Daylight in Polar Regions (.pdf)

Equipment: (also see Links to our Sponsors)

Expedition Equipment by Iceolutions
Iridium Satellite Phone
Emergency Beacons
Solar Chargers
Nanu Travel in Greenland

Travel and Logistics:

Air Iceland
Air Greenland
DPC Logistic and Transport
Nanu Travel in Greenland
Tangent Expeditions

Other Greenland Expeditions:

Inlandeis und Granit 2009
Project Inland Ice 2008
West Lancashire Ren Land Expedition 2007
Polarwalk Expedition 2007
Greenland Longitudinal 2006
Oxford University Greenland 2006
IceXperience 2006
Grönland Transversale 2006
Spuren im Eis 2006
Windpower Expedition 2005
Swiss East Greenland 2005
West Lancashire Milne Land Expedition 2004
G4 Expedition 2004
Climbing History Watkins Mtns
Forel Expedition 2004
Silent-Ice 2002
Grönland Durchquerung 2002/6
Greenland 2002 Niels Holgersen Nunatakker
Lanchester Greenland 2001

Online Expedition Archives:

American Alpine Journal Online